Welcome to the World of Mitochondria

What are Mitochondria?

Most people know mitochondria as "the powerhouse of the cell" – but they are so much more! Beyond producing essential energy for our bodies, mitochondria are vital to dozens of other cellular processes – from producing cellular building blocks, to handling stress hormone signals, to regulating the death and renewal of our cells. Life as we know it would not be possible without mitochondria, and we are only just beginning to understand their incredible influence on our well being.

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What is MitochondriaWorld™?

MitochondriaWorld™ is a platform connecting researchers, clinicians, and patient advocacy groups focused on all related mitochondrial diseases and dysfunctions to foster collaboration and accelerate basic science discovery and therapy development. We provide services, resources, and hands-on support for the mitochondrial communities to expand their reach and advance the state of mitochondrial biology and healthcare.

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