We’re developing novel strategies to understand how multiple parameters like genes, the environment and early life exposure influence long-term health.

By focusing on individual diversity, we’ll be able to implement guided preventive health measures to delay or even prevent disease onset.

We’ll also be able to provide more precise medicines, and in turn, avoid unwanted side effects.

This new way of delivering healthcare will not only transform health, but also the industries that support it including food technology, data science and security and policy.

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Professor David James wearing a royal blue sweater over a light blue collared shirt

David James, PhD, FAA

Leonard P. Ullmann Chair of Metabolic Systems Biology & ARC Laureate Fellow Charles Perkins Centre, School of Life & Environmental Sciences and School of Medical Sciences


David James was awarded a PhD in 1985 in Physiology and Biochemistry from UNSW. During this period, together with colleagues at the Garvan Institute, he developed novel methodologies for studying in vivo glucose metabolism in small animals leading to a number of important discoveries about the role of tissue specificity of insulin action at the whole body level.