The mission of Wartiovaara lab is to understand the molecular background of mitochondrial disorders, and use that knowledge to develop diagnosis and therapy. Mitochondrial dysfunction has shown out to be a common cause of human inherited disease, with amazing clinical variability, from neonatal fatal multisystem disorders to diabetes, neurodegeneration, dysfertility or tumorigenesis of adult age.

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Headshot of Anu Suomalainen Wartiovaara wearing a green blouse over a blue shirt

Anu Suomalainen-Wartiovaara, MD, PhD

Professor of Clinical Molecular Medicine and Academy Professor in Biomedicum Helsinki, University of Helsinki


Anu Suomalainen is Professor of Clinical Molecular Medicine and Academy Professor in the University of Helsinki. She received her MD PhD degree from University of Helsinki, and has worked as a visiting scientist/ postdoc /visiting professor in Columbia University, Montreal Neurological Institute and UC Berkeley, respectively.  She heads the Mitochondrial Medicine research group in FinMIT Centre of Excellence in the University of Helsinki, focusing on metabolism, molecular pathophysiology of mitochondrial and degenerative disorders and uses molecular knowledge for developing tailored treatments.


Anu Suomalainen at ARDD2022: Unifying mechanism for nuclear and mitochondrial progerias in mice

Overview of biological biomarkers, A. Suomalainen