Life emerges from the organized flow of energy through biological systems. Cellular energy flow is largely driven by mitochondria, which in turn gives us the ability to sense and perceive, integrate information, adapt, and thrive.

Our team combines knowledge from mitochondrial biology, stress neuroendocrinology, geroscience, network science, and mitochondrial medicine to understand principles of mitochondrial communication and signal transduction. ​We develop new laboratory assays and omics-based computational approaches to explain how psychological states influence biological and energetic processes within mitochondria, and in turn how mitochondria influence mental and physiological functions.

Together with our collaborators, we deploy our mitochondrial phenotyping platform to map inter-individual variation and sex differences in mitochondrial health, to understand mitochondrial plasticity over time, and to map their role in the ​maintenance of human health and aging.

​Our goal is to discover bioenergetic mechanisms of brain-body communication and to use this knowledge to build an integrative model of human health that can help transform how we teach and practice medicine.​

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