Headshot of Alex Sercel

Alexander J. Sercel, PhD

Scientific Director & MitoWorld Manager


Dr. Alexander J. Sercel is an expert in mitochondrial biology and whole-body energetics specializing in mitochondrial transfer and hypermetabolism. He has over a decade of advanced training and experience in cellular and mitochondrial biology, including his PhD dissertation work at the University of California, Los Angeles and postdoctoral training at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. In addition to research, he is passionate about science communication, public outreach, and inclusion in STEM and has spoken to more than 1000 high school students about starting their own careers in biomedical research. Alexander is dedicated to improving care and treatments for patients with mitochondrial diseases as well as strengthening and promoting the global mitochondrial research community.



UCLA Grad Slam 2019, Final Presentation: Alexander Sercel


UCLA Grad Slam 2019, Final Presentation: Alexander Sercel