I obtained a Bachelor of science (BSc) degree in Biochemistry (2015) from the School of Biomolecular and Biomedical Science (SBBS) in University College Dublin (UCD). Following my degree, I completed a PhD in Immunology (2019) from The University of Dublin, Trinity College (TCD), carrying out research on inflammatory macrophage metabolism in the lab of Prof. Luke O’Neill. From 2019-2022, I undertook a postdoctoral research associate position in the lab of Dr. Christian Frezza in MRC Cancer Unit, University of Cambridge. Here, I focused on deciphering the consequences of mitochondrial TCA cycle dysfunction in kidney epithelial cells and macrophages. In 2022, I joined the lab of Prof. Mike Murphy in the MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit (MBU), continuing my work on immunometabolism. In March 2023, Dylan obtained an MRC ‘Springboard to Independence’ position, where I direct an independent research group ‘Mitochondrial Metabolism’. The group is particularly interested in understanding how mitochondrial disease-related mutations impact macrophage metabolism and function.

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