Headshot of Professor Patrick Chinnery FRCP FMedSci, wearing a suit in front of window blinds

Patrick Chinnery, PhD, FRCP, FMedSci

Professor of Neurology and Head of the Department of Clinical Neurosciences


I am interested in the genetic basis of neurological disorders, and particularly mitochondrial diseases.

Mitochondria are the main source of energy within neurons and glia. Mutations in genes responsible for mitochondrial biogenesis are a major cause of human disease, affecting multiple organs including the brain. My laboratory research programme is based in the MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit, and studies the mechanisms of mitochondrial disease in patients and model systems. Our aim is to understand why specific cell types are so vulnerable in mitochondrial diseases.

I have an active genomics programme identifying new disease genes and mechanisms in neurological disorders.

I also have an active clinical research programme developing new treatments for mitochondrial disorders.