Portrait of Sarah C.P. Williams

Sarah CP Williams

Science Writer


Sarah C.P. Williams is an award-winning science writer with nearly two decades of experience in writing about research for the general public. Sarah has a particular interested in mitochondria. She has written about mitochondrial biology for the Salk Institute, Gladstone Institutes, UCLA and Stanford University, among other places, and is interested in the intersection of mitochondria, aging and disease.
Sarah has a background in biochemistry– including time spent in a Johns Hopkins research lab studying mitochondrial membrane proteins– and attended the UC Santa Cruz graduate program in science writing. She worked at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute before launching her freelance career and has written press releases, magazine feature articles, profiles of scientists and other website content for universities, journals and research organizations around the world. She is adept at making complex topics accessible and covers an extensive range of scientific topics including basic molecular and cellular biology, neuroscience, genomics and clinical medicine.