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The mitochondria transfer field has gained tremendous momentum and attracted broad scientific interest. However, the rapid pace of research has led to the use of many different terms to describe similar processes, creating some confusion in the field. The International Committee on Mitochondria Transfer and Transplantation Nomenclature (ICMTTN) was formed to address this issue and is comprised of 31 leading investigators in the field from 13 countries. The ICMTTN co-authored a manuscript entitled “Recommendations for Mitochondria Transfer and Transplantation Nomenclature and Characterization,” which is currently being shared as a pre-print. MitoWorld is supporting a 30-day public commenting period (ending on August 1, 2024), in which the authors invite your insights, comments, questions, and feedback on the manuscript prior to peer review. Please note that your submissions may be used to improve the manuscript but do not imply or entitle co-authorship. The ICMTTN co-authors thank you for your time and constructive feedback.

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